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Formed in the historic weaving and textile town of Paisley in 2014, The Vegan Leather – Gianluca, Marie, Matt and Duncan – have been building their own legacy from a young age. At 14, Marie was already sending Phoenix tracks to co-vocalist Gian, who was sufficiently enamoured to invest in an embroidered denim jacket bearing their name. It transpired to be a significant bonding point for a band who would be drawn together from a shared love of bright melodies and dark dancefloors, a visual and musical aesthetic that defines their own art-pop style today.

Beyond the rich Scottish tradition of post-punk and angular pop that threads from Orange Juice through to Franz Ferdinand, The Vegan Leather wear their more electronic influences on their sleeves. Soulwax, Metronomy, LCD Soundsystem have been listed as sources of inspiration by the band, as have acts as diverse as Kraftwerk and Chaka Khan. Regardless of personal heroes, the Paisley band have forged their own path to creating infectious pop melodies that retain razor-sharp culture insight.

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