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Song, by Toad Split 12" Vol. - FOONYAP premiere: The Skinny

Song by Toad - Split 12_ Vol 7

“Just when we thought it was all over at Song, by Toad, it seems the Edinburgh label has been sitting on one final release. The good news is it’s almost ready to see the light of day.

Over the years, SbT released a number of Split 12” records, each featuring a selection of artists they loved; in the case of Vol. 5, it was a collaboration with Gold Flake Paint that brought music from Beach Moon/Peach Moon, Furnsss, Eskimeaux and Small Wonder together, and Vol. 6 was an Aberdeen by way of Texas affair featuring music from Kitchen Cynics, Micah P. Hinson,Tissø Lake and Willard Grant Conspiracy. The latest is an all-Canadian effort, and it’s due for release on 7 June.”

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