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Showcasing Scotland festival review: The List

Creative Scotland

“The Scottish showcases, presented with support from Creative Scotland, have a typically excellent offering of acts from varying genres. Highlights include Glasgow-based Ghanaian artist Kobi Onyame, whose effortless cool and synchronicity with the audience make him a firm favourite in the venue. His efforts to encourage some participation are eventually reciprocated, proving his skill at drawing audiences in, whether it be to dance along to his highlife-inspired rhythms or sing back his especially catchy choruses. Also Glasgow-based, ambient dream-pop trio OK Button present a truly compelling set, with ethereal vocals and electronics floating amid some hard hitting and honest lyrics. Likewise, singer-songwriter Tamzene‘s blissful pop numbers are full of a soulful maturity, emphasising her current talent and future potential in the music industry. Alt-rock trio Cloth also play a superb set; their minimalist soundscapes reverberating through the venue with a tranquil and charming flow. Finally, Walt Disco are the ones to tear the stage apart, with their incredible live energy, post-punk glam and ostentatious spirit offering something both bizarre and beautiful.:

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