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Siobhan Wilson album review: Mojo


Born in the Highlands, a multi-instrumentalist schooled in classical music, studying film composition and on the rebound from “epic heartbreak”, Wilson returns to the fray with a second album that confounds expectations rising from her backstory while retaining a very Scottish air of trying not to be showy-offy. The 11 songs are a “I can and I will” statement though her vocals often mixed low to force you concentrate: Marry You finds her whispering over a distorted guitar as she tries to force an indecisive partner to stop messing around; she turns to cello for April’s message, “do what you want if you want”. All Dressed Up Tonight is an assertion of self-confidence: the subtitle continues, Better Than I Did For You, and the lyrics underline the point – “It’s not all about you”. A fine writer who is really finding her voice.